About JobPay

Jobpay is part of Hamdan Group of Companies. It took 30 years for Hamdan Consultants to start with a small recruitment and ticketing business and achieve more than a million overseas recruitment of different kinds of skilled and semi-skilled labours and professionals. Hamdan Group has been considered as one of the top 10 overseas human resources company in India. Hence, Hamdan Group got the privilege to participate in the socio-eco development of India by providing employments to poor and underprivileged youth and also in bringing foreign exchange for the country. Hamdan Group has several accolades and appreciations to his credits received from both the Indian Ministries and Government authorities abroad. Today, we are Hamdan Group of Companies is comprised of 5 major business operations called Hamdan Consultant (for overseas recruitment), Hamdan Tours & Travel (IATA), Travel Square (for tourism), Hamdan EXIM (for export/import) and recently in view of the Government’s plan to curb unemployment, we have rejuvenated domestic manpower operation and rejuvenated and renamed it as “Jobpay”.

Jobpay is all about Employment matchmaking. On one hand we have a very large talent bank and HRMS resources to cater to the need of employers and on the other hand we have a vast contact management and business network to participate in the employment development of our beloved country. During past couple years we have developed a team of professionals from different streams such as Medical and Healthcare, Hospitality, Tourism and Aviation, Education, IT, Building & Construction. To provide eligible and well-trained staffs we are well equipped to conduct necessary inhouse training and to meet employer’s manpower requirements in pipeline we have entered into strategic alliances with different training institutions and organizations. Moreover, we are also able to provide skilled, semi- skilled, blue collared personnel and labours.

Jobpay offices equipped with all modern business setup and has state-of-the-art technology office setup and a professional staff fully aware of data-warehousing, data-mining, digital marketing and E-Commerce. Jobpay is a fastest growing business in Hamdan Group of Companies and we are vigorously exploring the market.

Jobpay is comprised of highly qualified and professional management team and in order to meet 100% eligibility criteria Jobpay adopted innovative approach of conducting different in-house certified training and have affiliations with renowned training institutions too. The training will be based on the requirements submitted by the clients. Also, we are affiliated with different training institutions who conduct technical and professional training programs as and when required.

Please do not hesitate to contact our HR specialists / HR Manager on (91) 022-23000006 or email as and do visit us at